Skin salve natural soap combats dry skin due to repetitive washing

The natural soap, high in moisturising with a formulation that its properties include skin repair through deep moisturising with added glycerine and vitamin c . No added fragrances only a combination of pure, natural give an entirely natural fragrance. Designed by UK Doctors over 30 years ago provides relief for many difficult skin conditions and protects normal skin when being being repetitively washed due to Corona virus.

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Skin salve for eczema takes further steps in reducing use of plastic packaging

As part of Skin salves policy to further reduce the environmental impact of its packing materials they have changed both the very popular Natural body wash and Natural shampoo for sensitive itchy skin to recycled plastic bottles. A spokesman for the company commented '' Whilst the actual change to recycled plastics will cost us more, the company feels a moral obligation to do more to help the environment''  

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Repetitive washing of reusable face masks causing an increase in face eczema

coronavirus Dry skin dry skin coronavirus

Reusable face masks irritate sensitive skin

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Repetitive hand washing causes dry,sore skin!

Moisturise regularly

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50% off our non sensitising handcream for NHS staff, while stocks last UK only


In our small way we are offering all our valued NHS staff 50% off our totally natural hand cream to repair sore skin from constant cleaning. Please use  discount code 50% Off coronavirus Stay safe and thank you for looking after our families!

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