Is water good for your skin?

There are a number off eczema causes in infants, but it is commonly believed that it is hereditary. Sensitive skin problems are passed down through generations, but there are many environmental factors that can cause flareups.

Local water quality can cause problems to eczema sufferers, hard water playing a major contributory factor as a trigger causing often spontaneous flareups. This in collaboration with aggressive detergents and laundry powders will no doubt be a significant factor in causing problems for those with sensitive skin and those predisposed with Atopic eczema.

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Tap water often contains chemicals such as chlorine, chlorinates, and V.O.C.’s ( Volatile Organic compounds). These chemicals can cause serious long-term health effects, such as increased risk of certain cancers, digestion problems, weakened immune system, and increased risk to certain diseases.

Installing a water filtration system may help reduce the risk from these problems, but consider it may also serve to improve your health in other ways.

‘Clean water’ is not only the key to staying healthy and hydrated, but can improve weight loss efforts significantly. When you aren’t hydrating yourself properly, you aren’t getting the necessary nutrients you need for food causing hunger pangs. When your constantly dehydrated, your body will always be in constant craving of food, which will cause overeating and malnutrition at the same time. This mixture is extremely unhealthy and can contribute directly to obesity. By drinking filtered water, you are hydrating yourself properly while avoiding the danger of unfiltered chemicals.

Drinking ‘clean water’ improves digestion, nervous system function, and aids in detoxification.

Unfiltered water causes your body to absorb too much sugar, leading to stress on your kidneys, digestive problems, and lower energy levels.

Washing and showering in clean water has a vital role in helping those of us with sensitive skin. Many eczema flare ups are not only by use of harsh cleansers but also a change in water quality.

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Unfiltered water quality in general varies to such an extent that even very limited use of water in a region away from home can cause problems to people with sensitive skin.

Chlorine can cause skin to feel itchy, a dry irritated scalp and hair to be unmanageable. The strong vapours can also cause irritated eyes and in extreme cases headaches.

Filtered water is altogether better for your health and well being and showering in clean water is altogether more enjoyable, refreshing and better for the condition of your skin.

Remember water accounts for 75% of your brains weight, and over 96% of your livers weight – So probably best to have good quality water.

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