Joan Bentham Testamonial

Dear Skin Salveation,

Having just discovered this year to be your 25th anniversary of service, I thought I would take the opportunity to write to you about by experience of using your products. I don’t usually write to companies to tell them how much I love their product, but Skin Salveation really is a skin salvation for my whole family. We suffer from occasional flare-ups of eczema and dry skin and we find that your eight week eczema treatment pack is an essential part of clearing these up. We have been using your products for fifteen years and wouldn’t be without them – I always make sure there is a pack in the cupboard because with eczema, getting in quickly is half the battle.

As well as general treatment as and when we need it, I always use your Skin Salveation laundry powder for eczema; I would never use anything else when doing the family wash. Before I discovered your laundry soap, we were all having real problems with our skin, mostly along seam lines and collars. Because your Skin Salveation laundry soap rinses out so thoroughly and doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals, I know that I can wash all our dirties in it and it won't irritate sensitive skin.

I have never really got to the bottom of why eczema comes and goes in the family, but I have recommended Skin Salveation products to a friend who finds that the hot weather can make her very dry skin worse and she now swears by your soap, which coats and protects her skin and she has recently been using your laundry soap too, which has made a big difference.

I hope you will pass this letter on to your staff and to other customers – we don’t take time enough these days to say thank you and I thought after fifteen years it was time I did!

Best wishes,


Joan Bentham

Hastings, East Sussex


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