Eczema scalp treatment

Treating eczema on the scalp can be very difficult because it is hard to moisturise the skin sufficiently – no one wants to have greasy hair and putting on any of the usual creams and ointments can be impossible. It is a very painful and irritating condition, though, so anyone with it is always on the lookout for a suitable and convenient eczema scalp treatment.

The skin of those suffering from eczema is particularly sensitive to additives in shampoos, soaps and bath products but one which is known to affect even healthy skin is sodium laureth sulphate, which is found in almost every product even so. The manufacturers of beauty products always list the product as they are bound to do by law, but what they don't add is that SLS is a known irritant. Although it is included at levels below those which are proved to cause irritation, it is far better to avoid it altogether and so Skinsalveation’s shampoo is a wise precaution, even if you don't need an eczema scalp treatment at the moment.

If you are suffering from eczema on the scalp, changing to Skinsalveation’s SLS free shampoo can often make a difference very quickly. Because it doesn’t contain other possible irritants you are also giving your skin a rest from other potential irritants such as perfumes and colourants. It is very kind to sensitive or thinning hair as well, so not only will your scalp benefit, but so will your hair and you will soon be getting compliments on how shiny and full it is looking. Freedom from itching and flaking is only part of the story when you use Skinsalveation’s SLS free shampoo and keeping on using it even when the condition has cleared up will prevent major recurrences as well. Read more about ingrediants here

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