Emma Louise-Dean, a very satisfied customer of Skin Salveation

Hi I'm just getting in touch to say how amazing you products are. My husband has been suffering from severe eczema flare up for 6 months drs gave him every steroid cream going even vista paste bandages didn't work like the normally do!! Came across you by accident and ordered Sunday to my amazement it arrived Tuesday and we started straight away with wash powder and bodywash, as you can imagine it made him sting with so many open wounds we then applied the soap and to our amazement in 2 days there is no redness the wounds are healing and he has stopped itching!! We are over the moon as he can now cuddle his son without the worry of steroid cream getting on him. So now I will be ordering the moisturizer. I really can't thank your products enough you have given us our lives back Many thanks Emma & Daniel

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