Great reviews of our amazing Skin salve laundry powder used to combat eczema.

Three great reviews of the eczema laundry product in three days!

In cased you missed them these Mums reviews were all posted by new users who have just discovered our great natural laundry powder used to combat eczema.


Great product!

Dolores on Oct 07, 2017

Just started using. Clothes are really soft and smell fresh, not an artificial scent like from other laundry products (never use softener due to son's skin condition). Another benefit will be coloured fabrics won't fade as quickly. Also bought the hand soap, amazing difference to how my skins feels after one day my kids will definitly benefit.


Reduced my skin itching massively

Shelley on Oct 06, 2017

I hoped but didn't expect this washing powder to help as much as it seems to have done. I have suffered with terribly skin itching for almost a year. It was a sudden onset and I have been backwards and forwards trying to work out what caused it. I have always had eczema ( that I have managed to keep under control without steroid use) so I have always been careful with chemical laden items and steer clear at all cost. I believe my usual laundry powder (main stream Fairy No Bio powder) has triggered or exacerbated my issue. It has either had a change of ingredient (they will not list what they put in it which is frustrating) or now my skin just can not tolerate it. I came across this brand after doing an on-line search for more natural options . I am so glad I did. I replaced all my bedding and began using this washing powder exclusively for all my laundry. I feel it has made a massive difference. It has a lovely smell, I can't describe it but it's lovely to me. I did find clumps left in my wash tray after the first go so decided to pre-mix my scoup of powder with a little warm water before adding to the tray. It takes an extra minute and I have no lumps left in the tray, it all makes it into the wash. My clothes feel lovely and soft and there is no smell afterwards. I am now going to try the soap as I find my hands get dry & cracked from washing them, especially now it is cold and flu season.


Really helped my daughters eczema

Vicky on Oct 05, 2017

So we have struggled for years with my daughters eczema. Trying everything from Steroids, topical skin creams, ointments, referrals, allergy tests. everything!!!! and although her eczema is still there it is 95% better since using this. I find it can some times make our clothes smell odd but I just upped the temperature setting on the washing machine and the problem was solved. Would without a doubt recommend it to anybody suffering with eczema


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