New partner for Skin Salve's unique, entirely natural deep moisturising eczema soap for dry, sore skin and other difficult skin conditions

We are pleased to announce to our customers that we have a new specialist partner for providing you with our unique Skin Salve natural eczema treatment soap.
Christina May is a Sussex-based soap specialist which creates premium triple milled soap products, using only pure vegetable base. The family run company has over 16 years’ experience in making the highest quality soap products and is one of the largest UK soap manufacturers.
To guarantee a smooth and silky texture, Christina May is using a triple blending and refining process to make the Skin Salve natural eczema treatment soap. 

Our customers will continue to enjoy all the benefits you love about our popular soap bar - it is entirely natural, with no added synthetic fragrances and is designed to help soothe irritated skin. And there is an added bonus as the soap will come in a bigger bar but for exactly the same price as you have paid until now. 
Thanks to our new partnership with Christina May's chemists, the soap is now brighter in colour because sodium tallowate has been replaced with a sodium palmate / coconut oil combination from sustainable resources. It has a natural fragrance derived from the natural oils, and is designed to moisturise your skin even more intensely.
We continue to supply Skin Salve eczema treatment laundry powder, body wash and shampoo so do give them a try if you aren't using them already.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or feedback, at

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