The link between hard water and eczema from Skin Salve buyer trends

Following an analysis of 5 years of data derived from the buying patterns of UK Skin Salve customers we would like to share our findings.

Eczema and the effects of hard water

Hard water contains a considerable amount of dissolved minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. These minerals are leave the white deposits seen in kettles, hot water pipes and shower heads, and cause the residue seen around baths and shower panels.
Unfortunately, those minerals and deposits are also left on the skin after washing, and can absorb the moisture and natural oils from your skin and aggravate sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
People living in hard water areas need to use more soap, shampoo and washing powder to see the same results as those living in soft water areas, so have a greater continuous exposure to harsh chemicals and irritants.
NHS choices says that water hardness can be a trigger for eczema as the excess minerals prevent foaming products from working properly, leading to increased usage which strips skin of natural oils.
There is a direct link between hard water and demand for eczema treatment.
Data shows that the most eczema products were delivered to London, followed by the West Midlands,East Anglia, Essex, Surrey, Kent and the South West.
Whilst the link between water hardness and eczema is open to debate, a study conducted by Professor Williams of Nottingham University in 1998, found eczema is up to 44% more common in primary school children living in hard water areas, than in those who live in areas where the water is soft.
NHS Choices states water quality is a common trigger for exacerbating eczema.
The lowest demand for Skin Salve products in particular our laundry products is in Scotland and offshore islands which are areas of soft water.
Although the top three areas where the highest orders of eczema products are delivered have big populations, the sales aren’t directly related to population.
Adjustments have been made to reflect population in each area
Highest to the lowest demand for our skin and general hygiene products reflect the hard and soft water areas indicated on the UK graphic above.

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