Why It Works

Over 90% of Skin Salve users have experienced a dramatic improvement in their skin condition using the specifically formulated skin cleansing plan.

Designed by Doctors, the Skin Salve range of products will reduce exposure to known irritants. The program is designed to soften, smooth and protect dry, scaly and itchy skin, and all symptoms associated with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and even more extreme skin disorders.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Suitable for all ages
Skin Salve products reduce your exposure your skin to common irritants found in products used by eczema sufferers everyday, such as laundry powder, soap and moisturiser. By not exposing the skin to these harmful chemicals, it allows the body to focus on repairing damaged cells instead of fighting further flare ups.

By safeguarding skin from chemicals and creating a protective barrier with an irritant free moisturiser, the skin is able to repair itself.
Since being a small child I have always had patches of scaly dry skin and eczema.
The result is that using a bar of soap to wash was impossible, due to the unpleasant and painful results.
I therefore have been using Diprobase type products all my life. However, these have to be applied very carefully and tend to be slightly messy.
Then, just over one year ago, I discovered Skin Salveation range of products. In particular the bar soap alleviated the condition I have, dramatically reducing the patches and containing the spread of them.
Using the bar soap as recommended by Skin Salve also relieves itching and scratching, which I have always had.As Skin Salve expand their product range, I shall be trying them too.
Thank you Skin Salve
Pauline Hall, Whitley Bay

Skin Salve frequently receive very satisfied testimonials from families who have suffered from itchy skin, eczema and psoriasis, and have had life changing experiences in controlling skin disorders, and in many cases beating eczema through the use of the simple skincare range from Skin Salve.

Families consistently report that the Skin Salve skin care program has had a significant positive impact in improving their overall skin condition, even in the most extreme problems.

The success of the eczema treatment has featured regularly in the national media, and has been described as “Washing powder to cure eczema” by Amy Anderson, a leading health columnist in the Daily Mail.

During 2016 the brand name was changed from Skin Salveation to Skin Salve

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