Look: Washing Powder which doesn't irritate your skin - Eczema Treatment from Skin Salve

Look: Washing Powder which doesn't irritate your skin


  • Washes as clean as your current laundry powder
  •  … at the same low temperatures
  •  No toxic chemicals.

Clean clothes, without the harmful chemicals

You can now get your clothes as clean as if you were using your everyday laundry powder, at the same low temperatures, but without your clothes - and importantly your skin - being exposed to to toxic chemicals found in some household laundry powders.

Skin Salve 100% natural laundry powder has

no fragrances

no irritants

naturally cleans

… naturally softens fabric

Meaning your clothes and your skin are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

This laundry powder has been sold across the world for over 20 years and is known to help combat eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions by minimising exposure to harmful chemicals.

It is also filler, borax and titanium dioxide free and has had no documented allergic reactions.

So effective that it can even be used on children's eczema

But don’t just take our word for it, Skin Salve 100% natural washing powder has hundreds of happy customers, like Lorraine, who describes it as the ‘Best laundry powder for children's eczema’.

Just discovered this product following its great review on the review website Odylique. 


I've tried everything with very little success. But Skin Salve seems to have a much better overall effect.


Some of the other products clean brighter but still remain itchy after cleaning which I suspect is because they do contain irritants and some fragrance, but not as much as normal powders.


Skin Salve cleans, and with use of the useful little stain bar overcomes the problems of heavy staining. I also occasionally make up a prewash solution, a small mixture of powder and water to apply and this does the job.


The main thing is the clothes are itch free fabric, smell clean, and the feel softer to the skin.


Good product, which I recommend to Mums whose children suffer from itchy, dry skin.

Are you exposing your skin to harmful chemicals?

Some common laundry powders contain fragrances, cleaning agents, stabilisers, bleach, brighters and other harmful chemicals. See below what each of these chemicals does -

Some manufacturers combine a number of chemicals to produce fragrances, so you’ll believe your clothes are clean because they smell clean. Manufacturers don’t have to list these chemicals because of trade protection and some have been found to be extremely toxic.

Cleaning agents
Included to help clean better, some like include chemicals like quaternium-15 (known to release formaldehyde, a known carcinogen), diethanolamine (linked with skin and eye irritation and possibly liver problems), nonlphenol ethoxylate or NPE (toxic to nerves, irritating to skin, potential hormone disruptor, toxic to aquatic life), linear alkyl benzene sulfonates or LAS (irritating to skin and eyes and toxic to aquatic life; benzene on its own is a carcinogen), and petroleum distillates (linked to cancer and lung damage).

Some stabilisers include polyalkylene oxide or ethylene oxide, which are linked with eye and lung irritation, and dermatitis.

Bleach may be used separately or may be included in the detergent itself. It’s known to irritate skin, eyes, and lungs, and when it mixes with wastewater, it can form toxic organic compounds that have been linked with respiratory issues, liver, and kidney damage.

For brighter whites and brighter colours! But what causes this brightness? Chemicals that remain on the clothes to absorb UV light and help clothes “appear” brighter. We’re talking things like naphthotriazolystilbenes (linked with developmental and reproductive effects), benzoxazolyl, diaminostilbene disulfonate, and more. Since these remain on the clothes, they are likely to come into contact with skin.

Harmful chemicals left on your clothes 

When you wash with some laundry powders, these harmful chemicals are left on your clothes. When sensitive skin comes into contact with the residue from these chemicals, a chemical reaction can take places which can damage your skin.

For people with dry and sensitive skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, these chemicals can further aggravate your skin.

Skin Salve Laundry Powder reduced my skin itching massively

Happy customer Shelley said it ‘Reduced my skin itching massively’,

I hoped but didn't expect this washing powder to help as much as it seems to have done. I have suffered with terribly skin itching for almost a year. It was a sudden onset and I have been backwards and forwards trying to work out what caused it.


I have always had eczema (that I have managed to keep under control without steroid use) so I have always been careful with chemical laden items and steer clear at all cost.


I believe my usual laundry powder (main stream Fairy No Bio powder) has triggered or exacerbated my issue. It has either had a change of ingredient (they will not list what they put in it which is frustrating) or now my skin just can not tolerate it.


I came across this brand after doing an online search for more natural options. I am so glad I did. I replaced all my bedding and began using this washing powder exclusively for all my laundry. I feel it has made a massive difference. It has a lovely smell, I can't describe it but it's lovely to me. I did find clumps left in my wash tray after the first go so decided to pre-mix my scoop of powder with a little warm water before adding to the tray. It takes an extra minute and I have no lumps left in the tray, it all makes it into the wash.


My clothes feel lovely and soft and there is no smell afterwards. I am now going to try the soap as I find my hands get dry & cracked from washing them, especially now it is cold and flu season.

Try Skin Salve 100% Natural Washing Powder today

If you want to protect your skin and stop exposing it to harmful, toxic chemicals try Skin Salve 100% Natural Washing Powder today.

Order today and receive your laundry powder and stain bar for just £7.99 plus postage - that’s only 33p per wash to protect your skin from harmful chemicals.

No quibble, 100% money back guarantee

What’s more, if your not entirely happy, if the laundry powder hasn’t got your clothes as clean as promised or you just don’t like the smell, then we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.


How to use our laundry powder

Place one measure of the laundry powder in the soap tray and wash as normal (More than one measure an excessive amount of lather will be produced).

For the best results do not use any softener, fabric conditioner or stain removers. Though the laundry powder should not harm delicate fabrics, it is best to always test a hidden area before washing the entire garment as precaution.

Our laundry powder is recommended for use by leading skin care clothing specialists who use silk fabric in their products.

For stubborn stains gently rub the stain with the enclosed stain remover bar as a pre wash.

  • 24 washes per pack (400g)

Ingredients include: Tallowate, Natural palm oil(from sustainable sources),Coconut oil, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA. Stain bar included, sufficient for 36 washes i.e. one bar with every order of 1-3 packs.



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