Hard Water: Eczema Treatment

Hard water is not necessarily a problem. As far back as Roman times people have been enjoying the healing effects of it. The health benefits of mineral-rich springs such as those in Harrogate, Bath and further afield Pompeii are legendary.

Most of the Skin Salve community suffering from dry skin tell us they have tried nearly every cream, lotion, and moisturiser out there. Despite what they use or how often they use it, their dry skin often persists. People often think dry skin is just part of daily life. They may not have given thought to a simple environmental factor like their water—the possibility that the water they bathe in, wash their dishes, clothes and linens in, and even drink may be the root cause of their problem.

Hard water as opposed to soft water, is water has a higher-than-normal mineral content. Dry, scaley skin is one of the most common effects of hard water on skin. Since hard water makes it more difficult to rinse soaps and shampoos from the skin’s surface, the skin may also become irritated. To prevent the effects of hard water on skin, people should limit their exposure to hard water and use a natural soap on their bodies. Click here to read about our natural soap.

Hard water is a regional problem for many households, especially those that use well water. This type of water has a higher concentration of minerals, particularly magnesium and calcium. This is a result of the ground water seeping through the soil and rocks.

The problem arises for those with sensitive skin when the water comes in contact with a person’s skin, a small portion of the minerals are left behind. These deposits can absorb the moisture and natural oils from the skin.

Dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis sufferers, for instance, often experience more dryness and irritation after being exposed to hard water. If hard water is the cause of frequent skin problems, avoiding the offending water is often necessary to help clear the skin up.

It may be worth considering a water filter as drinking hard water has also been considered as another factor in general skin condition. ‘We are what we eat and drink‘ and water itself forms over 80% of the human body.

Please consult our help sheet to determine whether water quality in your area is a contributory factor in your skin condition.

Skin Salve cleansing and laundry products have been specially formulated to accommodate the variances in regional water quality, working effectively regardless of whether your water supply is hard or soft.

Click here to read more about Skin Salve laundry powder benefits.

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