Why is it important to use Skin Salve SLS and paraben free shampoo?

What is SLS?

SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a foaming agent used in various cosmetic and personal hygiene products, not to mention industrial cleaners such as engine degreasers and industrial strength detergents.

There is no reason to be alarmed that SLS is used in industrial environments as it is essentially a detergent and many detergents are used both in industrial settings and in the family home.

SLS is also synthetic and cheap to produce. Due to its ease of production, manufacturers of cosmetic products make use of it to produce the foaming effect that we are familiar with in shampoos, toothpastes and soaps.

While not all people use hair dye or mouthwash, almost everyone uses shampoo and toothpaste.

If you have ongoing problems with your scalp or gums then you should consider trying an alternative SLS Free product

How SLS Works

As a foaming agent, SLS works by corrosion. It’s ineffective in regulating moisture and regular use of it can cause scalp irritation in some people as a result. It can also contaminate the inner layers of the skin, thus resulting in a number of known and documented skin disorders. One of the main concerns however is the fact that SLS can have a strong reaction when combined with other ingredients such as styling gels, color treatments and conditioners. Such a reaction can cause further damage to the hair and scalp in some people.

This is the reason why many hair dressers are beginning to recommend the use of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free shampoo in order to prevent hair and scalp damage over time.

The Dangers of SLS in Shampoos

SLS as a foaming agent used in shampoos can be effective in removing dirt and oil from your hair. However, the benefits may be short lived if you experience health complications as a result of using a shampoo with SLS as a primary ingredient.

Regular use of shampoos containing SLS can result in scalp and hair problems as it can have an impact on the protective layers of the skin and hair, causing your scalp to become very dry.

Daily use of shampoos containing SLS may also promote the development of dandruff, hair loss and an itchy scalp.

Hair follicles may also suffer damage as a result. Some people may experience problems while others may not, or in some cases increased exposure can result in one or more of the conditions listed above.

It’s important to consider the compound effect using a shampoo containing SLS can have. As most of us will shampoo daily, the chemicals in your shampoo will build up over time in your body.

While there is no evidence to link SLS to Cancer or other serious health issues, if you experience scalp problems then Skin Salve recommend that you use an SLS free shampoo.


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