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Non-Bio Washing Powder for Sensitive Skin and Eczema

Non-Bio Washing Powder for Sensitive Skin and Eczema

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Try a non-biological laundry detergent that’s been formulated for dry, itchy and sensitive skin conditions like eczema.

Rated 5-stars by customers and described as a "life-saver". For some, Skin Salve's non-bio washing powder means they no longer need to expose their skin to harsh chemicals that can aggravate sensitive skin.

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Why it works

Non Bio Washing Powder for people with dry and itchy skin

Clinical research by Clemson University School of Textiles and Polymer Science has found that washing clothes in regular washing powders and detergents add a measurable amount of weight (contamination) to clothes.

Within ten washes, washing with regular detergents could add up to two per cent to the weight of the clothes. 

This means that after ten washes, you are effectively adding one whole heaped kitchen tablespoon of washing powder to your clothes, putting your skin in constant contact with the chemicals within the washing powder.

Many well-known washing powder brands include a number of irritants, such as chlorine, benzene and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs).

APEs are bioaccumulative which means that once they enter a living organism they can accumulate in tissue over time – APEs have been detected in human blood and breast milk.

For people who suffer eczema and other dry, sensitive skin conditions, the presence of these chemicals can further aggravate their condition.

When sensitive skin comes into contact with the residue from these chemicals left on clothes, a chemical reaction can take place, damaging already vulnerable skin.

Natural Washing Powder for Eczema

Tests were undertaken to create a natural cleanser that would effectively and hygienically clean clothes, but without the use of harsh chemicals that damage your skin.


Sodium Tallowate, Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide, TDMA.

How to use

Add 1 heaped tablespoon with your washing (approximately 16g) and wash your clothes as normal. We recommend washing at lower temperatures to save energy.

More than one measure can lead to excessive amount of lather being produced.

For the best results do not use any softener, fabric conditioner or stain removers. Though the laundry powder should not harm delicate fabrics, it is best to always test a hidden area before washing the entire garment as a precaution.

Our laundry powder is recommended for use by leading skin care clothing specialists who use silk fabric in their products.


Skin Salve Non-Bio Washing Powder is sold in three sizes:

400g - Our standard size which is enough for approximately 25 washes (depending on water hardness/softness).

1.5kg - For customers who need to wash more frequently. This product is shipped as two 750g bags and comes with free shipping to the UK.

80g - If you have never tried our washing powder, but would like to, we now have a sample size, which is enough for 5 washes. This comes with free shipping to the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions


I have too many bubbles, what should I do?

Our washing powder provides a great lather, even with hard water. If you find that you have an excessive lather, reduce the amount of washing powder in each wash. We recommend about 16g per wash (a tablespoon). If you are getting an excessive amount of lather, reduce this to about 12g.

I have hard water, will this laundry detergent work?

Yes - it has been formulated to work in both hard and soft water. If your water is particularly hard or you’re not experiencing much lather when washing, we recommend using slightly more powder - about 20g per wash.

I have allergies to normal washing powders. Will Skin Salve work for me?

Allergies are usually in response to irritants. Skin Salve washing powder contains no known irritants so can be described as an non-allergenic washing powder or hypoallergenic washing powder. This means that it doesn’t contain irritants (non-allergenic) and there is a reduced chance of allergies (hypoallergenic).

However, that doesn’t guarantee Skin Salve will work for you. You may have sensitivities to the ingredients in our washing powder and so we always recommend that you patch test first.

What’s the difference between non-biological washing powder and biological washing powder?

Biological detergents or washing powders contain enzymes which make it easier to break down the dirt that builds up in your clothes, they do this by breaking down the proteins in the dirt.

Non-bio detergents or washing powders don't contain these enzymes, making them generally kinder to sensitive skin. However, standard non-bio washing powders still contain an high number of chemicals and potential irritants. For example, the leading supermarket non-bio detergent contains nine chemicals, including Anionic and non-anionic surfactants which have been found to cause skin irritation.

What is the best non bio washing powder for sensitive skin?

Skin Salve contains just five ingredients and no known irritants. This means it can wash your clothes, without exposing sensitive skin conditions like eczema to further irritation. The washing powder has help people for over 30 years - some of our customers have been with us for 30 years - and is highly recommended as the best washing powder for sensitive skin.

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