Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals
Choose a washing powder that doesn't add further chemicals to your skin
Protect your skin
Protect your skin from harsh chemicals
Give your skin time to heal
Find out how Skin Salve works

Believe me, I have tried them all and Skin Salve is easily the best out there!


This product is amazing, I have only been using it for a number of days but have noticed such a difference already.


How does it work?
Skin Salve products are ideal for people with dry, itchy or flaky skin, some of the symptoms of eczema and dermatitis. They are free from harmful irritants such as steroids and fragrances.

The approach is simple:

  1. Reduce exposure to chemicals commonly found in laundry powder, soap and moisturisers
  2. Protect the skin with specially designed soaps, moisturisers and body washes
  3. Give the skin time to heal allowing the bodies’ own defences to treat conditions such as eczema
Hear what more happy customers have to say:

I have been using this product for the last 4 years after trying so many other washing products which claim to be for sensitive skin. It has made such a difference to my skin and my life. My eczema has completely disappeared. Thank you so much Skin Salve.


My little boy is 9 months old and he has eczema. Eczema that was often red and infected, he was always scratching.

I've been using this soap powder for a month now and it's amazing. I've no idea how it works but just a tablespoon cleans all our clothes. In a house of five that's some going. It's got deodorant smells from mine and my husband's clothing, school pen marks from my older children and baby food from my son's clothing.


I have very dry skin which I have to moisturise continuously. I was given a bar from a friend who has been using it for years instead of thick creamy moisturisers.

Within a week of normal use, my skin has never felt so soft and looked so healthy. The bar itself is huge and seems to last for ages- so great value as I don't need creams anymore.